The new jaw crusher help cement industry get another good result

   Relevant data shows that since last year, the development of bulk cement has become an important way of building efficient and modern, the provinces have carried out the bulk cement production, meanwhile, concrete mixing station has become an important means to improve the cement bulk rate, and the normal production of concrete mixing station cannot leave the large amount of sand and gravel aggregate supply, therefore, the production of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate is an important foundation to ensure the stable development of our national economy.
   Jaw crusher is the most widely used crusher in the international , with many advantages like high crushing ratio, uniform grain type products, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc., is divided into coarse broken and fine broken two kinds, be broken materials up to 320 mpa. And the large and medium-sized jaw crusher is one of our fist products, especially in the design and production of large jaw crusher, has been in a leading level in China.
   Vipeak heavy industry adhere to the innovative research and development new type of jaw crusher equipment, and ultimately developed a highly efficient crusher equipment, eventually developed efficient crusher equipment, occupies an irreplaceable position in the sand industry. Euro jaw crusher is a new type of broken equipment, the equipment design and manufacturing technology at home and abroad the same kind of producing films have been in a leading level, and with big crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, simple structure, reliable operation, low operating costs, crushing cavity depth and no dead zone, feed rate and yield of the crusher is commonly, also known as the deep cavity jaw crusher.

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