Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Company analysis crusher types

 In our country mining equipment development today, the competition between the enterprises like a raging fire, and how to many of the homogenization of enterprise occupy business opportunities, should not only have excellent quality, good services, and familiar with each equipment character and process is the most key move. Vico heavy industry guangdong office careful analysis of the guangdong crusher type, can help the masses of customers choose their ideal equipment needed.

The earliest and the most commonly used coarse crusher, namely jaw crusher, jaw crusher work, motor through the pulley drive the eccentric shaft rotation, make the moving jaw cycle close, leave fixed jaw, thus to material have extrusion, rub, roll on the multiple broken, make material is bigger or smaller, and gradually falling until from the discharge gate discharge. And the smaller the homework discharge grain size uniformity of general than coarse crushing work requirements of the high, therefore, in the bottom of the crushing cavity should be set up a parallel area, at the same time, must also speed up the broken cone turning speed, so that the materials in parallel by more than one extrusion. Cone crusher of discharge gate is lesser, interfuse feed of the gouge are more likely to cause an accident, and because, fine grinding operation to discharge size request strictly, must in the liner wear after adjust discharge gate, and cone crusher of insurance and adjusting device compared with coarse crushing work more necessary. Cone crusher and cycle breaker is same, but only suitable for crushing or fine grinding operation of broken machinery. Cone crusher development, have spring cone crusher, simons cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher etc crusher equipment.
At the same time, hammer crusher and impact crusher continuously development, especially the reaction type crusher than larger, and can more fully use the whole rotor high-speed impact energy. But due to the plate hammer easily wear, it is hard material crushing applications also is restricted, usually used for coarse crushing, broken or finely limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, vulcanization iron ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials and other hard the following brittle material.
You have to understand the different types of crusher properties and use objects, the customer can make ideal choice. Generally, the breaker is mainly applicable to mineral factory, the factory, construction engineering, chemical industry, mine, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, large-scale projects, etc.


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